2017 Lab Update

Let’s see.. 2017 home lab update. In the last couple of months, I had to replace my PFsense box with an ordinary Netgear router and the reason being is that I started having issues with the configuration after many years of updates. Now, it is nice to not have to worry about services freezing and breaking the internet. Even though, I did lose the ability to have OpenVPN, Snort, and PFblocker in all in one box. I was able to overcome this by virtualizing other projects. This is only temporary until I can find time to actually look at it or get an EdgeRouter.

Anyways, I had added a Cisco 1811 router to the mix to refresh on how to create access lists and routing technologies. It has been a while since I had last opened a CCNA book. It was a pretty darn cheap purchase from eBay, $25?.

Sold a 2011 Macbook that I was no longer using.

Virtual Infrastructure:
The configuration of the hardware stayed the same of the two servers..
Windows 2012 R2 – Hyper-V
i3, 24gb, 320gb WD Black Drives
nic1 – Home Network
nic2 – Home Lab
nic3 – Loop Back

I had some time over the holidays to recreate some of the VMs, to now look like this..
Ubuntu Server – OpenVPN n1
Ubuntu Server – Pi-Hole n1
Windows 10 – Workstation (why not?) n1 & n2
Windows 2012 R2 – DEV w/ XXAMP n1
Windows 2012 R2 – DC1 n2
Windows 2012 R2 – DC2 n2
Windows 2012 R2 – WDS n2
Windows 2012 R2 – Radius n2
Windows 2012 R2 – File Server w/ CrashPlan, Syncthing n1 & n2

Future Plans:
Two 4 port Intel NICs
Buy eSata Mediasonic ProBox
Look into a VPS
Arduino Stuff
Endless list..