My dive into Virtual Private Servers

For a while now, I have wanted to learn about Virtual Private Servers and how they worked; as well among other things like having a public static IP address to use. Having a VPS will give me the ability to play around with server(s) outside my home and work networks and possibly allocate some of my home services in the “cloud” due to being constrained by my ISP (Verizon). I tried many times to understand Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud pricing structure but was too lazy, cheap, put on the back burner, until now.  

Many months have passed while researching about VPS and figuring out my requirements needed for different projects. I came across a website called where they list all different unmanaged server deals. To my surprise a “low end” VPS server instance can be had for $1 or $2 a month, which is great since I do not need anything more than that. Digital Ocean and Linode packages of $5 or $10 were not an option right now. I went with the cheapest option since it is going to be used for playing around and learning anyways.

I bought a server instance from ServerCheap (Hey!) 1-core of an Intel E5-2670, 256mb of memory, and 10gb of SSD storage for $10 a year. I chose ServerCheap simply for their low price are based in Chicago, and have responsive customer service. Within 5 minutes of checkout, I had an IP address and a password sent to me and I was able to log into a server console. I went to Google and downloaded the guide on how to configure IP tables and secure the shell (click here). After all, was said and done, I threw OpenVPN on for a friend to use while he was traveling overseas and now owning 2 VPS servers, see how this opens many doors for future projects like possibly migrating this website to one.