2018 Lab Update

Due to work and school, the home lab had taken a short hiatus for a bit, but now I am back. Here is the overall running state of the Home lab.

First things first, I finally made the jump into getting a rackmount. This 15u open frame rack will allow me to have a bit of organization and easier access to the home lab. I have chosen this one over the others due to it having casters. This allows me to move it around when need too.


Also, as you can notice, I was able to score another Cisco 3750 -48 port 10/100 switch and a Cisco 1811 router from eBay, really cheap, as well.  Occasionally I turn them on and play with different setups like routing protocols and VLANs. (I do not run these 24/7..)


Here are the two Lenovo TS140 servers both have received a processor upgrade this holiday season.  These servers run both my production and learning environment. They are both running VMware ESXi 6.5 despite 6.7 just being released. I may or may not try it out sometime this summer depending on time.

Overall Specs:
TS-140: i5-4590, 24gb DDR3, 2 2TB Hitachi (Datastore1), Radeon RX460
TS-140: i5-4570, 24gb DDR3, 2 2TB Hitachi (Datastore1), 2 500gb WD SSDs (Quick Datastore2)

Virtual Machines:

Production: [Being ran 24/7]

Ubuntu Server 16.04 – OpenVPN
Ubuntu Server 16.04 – Pi-Hole
Xpenology 6.1 – File Storage
Windows 10 – Jump-Box / Steam In-Home Stream Workstation
Windows 2012 R2 – DEV w/ XXAMP (WP and PHP Development)
Windows 2012 R2 – DHCP, DNS

Learning: [Rebuilt on daily basis]

Windows 2016 – DC1
Windows 2016 – DC2
Windows 2016 – Radius
Windows 2016 – SCCM
Ubuntu 18.04 – Playing Around

That is pretty much it.

Future Plans:
I eventually will like to get permanent storage for my “Linux distros” collection. As well, provide backup storage to friends and family to use.

I needed to revisit how-to mount SSH shares to a VPS.