New PFSense Box

The time has come, after many years since retiring my old PFsense router and resulted back to a Netgear router running DD-WRT. I finally got some time and an itch to upgrade. With this rack, that I now have, I have decided to build a rack-mountable server. I scavenged some old parts from my parts bin and here’s what I ended up.

Case: Rosewill RSV-2600 – $63.74
Motherboard: Asus H81M-A – $25.00
Cpu: Intel I3-4330 3.5ghz – Had
Ram: 2gb + 4gb DDR3 ECC Memory – Had
Hard drive: 2.5 250gb Seagate Barracuda – Had
Power Supply: 350 watt Startech – Had
Nic: 2x Intel E1000 – $10 each

I am happy with how this turned out. I know the hardware is a WEEE bit overkill. I am considering virtualizing it with amongst other things in the future. A network diagram will come soon.